jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

OCTOBER PROJECT Bury my lovely

Este impresionante video me ha costado semanas conseguirlo, al final he logrado capturalo para ponerlo a vuestra disposición. Supongo que pronto lo borrarán, por eso os pido que os lo bajeis lo antes posible.


Cover the mirror
Hide in your dreams
Forget what they told you
Forget what it means
A picture worth a thousand lies
The mem'ry and the mirror
Nothing but what came before
Nothing but a closing door

A picture worth a thousand lies
A thousand words
A thousand eyes

Bury my lovely
Hide in your room
Bury my lovely
Forget me soon
Forget me
Forget me now
Forget me not

Cover the madness
Cover the fear
No one will ever
Know you were here
A figure in the hallway light
Returning like a ghost
Something that was left behind
Something in a child's mind

Bury my lovely
Bury the lies
Bury me under
A thousand good-byes

A shadow from another time
Is waiting in the night
Something happened long ago
Something that will not let go

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